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International Ophthalmology Conference

March 20-22, 2025 | Madrid, Spain

IOC 2023

Rozan Abdulaziz AlGhamdi

Speaker at International Ophthalmology Conference 2023 - Rozan Abdulaziz AlGhamdi
KAUH, Saudi Arabia
Title : Impact of platelets count on retinopathy of prematurity, at King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Introduction: Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a disease that mainly affects infants and has a potential to cause blindness and visual impairments. In addition, ROP happens when abnormal blood vessels grow in the retina. Our paper aims to assess the impact of platelet count in the development of ROP.

Methodology: This retrospective study included 240 infants with a gestational age up to 40 weeks who were screened for ROP in the NICU of king fahad armed forces hospital, Jeddah between February 2016 and December 2022. Infants were subdivided into 3 groups: no ROP(GroupA) ,mild ROP (GroupB)and severe ROP who required laser treatment(GroupC). Assessment of other potential risk factors including low platelets count were studied. 

Results: Low Birthweight, low gestational age, thrombocytopenia at diagnosis and during the first week of ROP diagnosis were statistically significant in the development of ROP with a p value of <0.001 in each accordingly. Other factors for ROP development were assessed in table 3. Multivariate analysis of thrombocytopenia at ROP diagnosis and within first week postnatal in the subsequent ROP groups with its risk factors were involved as low birthweight and low gestational age which showed a significant p value of <0.001 in each significantly.

Conclusion: Low platelets count in the first week of ROP diagnosis and at ROP diagnosis counts as a risk factor for ROP development. Other leading causes were assessed and established as low birthweight, gestational age and neonatal Jaundice,respiratory distress syndrome and the usage of mechanical ventilation.