3rd Edition of

International Ophthalmology Conference

March 20-22, 2025 | Madrid, Spain

IOC 2022

Maryam Jabbar

Speaker at International  Ophthalmology Conference 2022 - Maryam Jabbar
The University of Faisalabad, Pakistan
Title : Connection between myopia and glaucoma ; A cross-sectional study


Methodology: A multi-centered cross sectional study was conducted from January 2022 to July 2022. 250 people between the ages of 40 and 65 were recruited using a non-probability purposive sampling technique.  Mild (up to 3D)  , moderate( 3D to 6D) and severe degree (more then 6D) of myopia who had never had a cataract or refractive surgery were included.All subjects underwent refraction evaluation, and the optic disc ratio was assessed using a slit lamp examination. In order to evaluate the visual field defects, primetry was also performed, and  IOP was determined using an air puff tonometer.Frequency of glaucoma, as indicated by the presence of visual field abnormalities,  glaucomatous optic disc and may or may not raised IOP. SPSS software was used for data analysis.

Results: 145(58%)  of the 250 total subjects were female and 105(42%)  were men. 67 (26.8%) people had refractive errors of mild myopia up to 3 D. While 85 (34%)  had a severe degree of myopia (refractive error greater than 6D) and 98 (39.2%)  had a moderate degree. No subgroup's intraocular pressure showed a significantly distinct configuration. Older age was linked to both glaucoma  and high myopia-related VF abnormalities ( a larger blind area, a vertical ste and an unidentified defect). According to study findings, people with high myopia were more likely to get glaucoma (p 0.001).

Conclusion: Myopia that is characterized to high degree (more than 6 D) may be a risk factor for glaucomatous optic neuropathy.


Maryam Jabbar, a Pakistani Optometrist and Researcher, has contributed significantly to her field. With expertise in optometry, she has presented  9 scientific papers at national and international conferences. Maryam presented at the Undergraduate Research Conference, with two papers in April 2021, another in May 2022, and one at the 1st International Conference of Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences in December 2022. Additionally, she presented two papers at the Undergraduate Medical Research Conference in March 2023. Maryam's international presentations include the International Conference on Medical Education in April 2021, the COECSA Annual Scientific Congress in August 2021, and the International Ophthalmology Conferences in October 2022.