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International Ophthalmology Conference

October 19-21, 2023 | Online Event

IOC 2023

Jyoti Bala Pandre

Speaker at International Ophthalmology Conference 2023 - Jyoti Bala Pandre
Aurobindo Nethralaya, India
Title : A comparative assessment of dry eye disease among the farmers and office going people


Abstract- A comparative assessment of dry eye disease among the farmers and office going people.Occupational predisposition & exposure to multiple factors may pose more risk to dry eye disease(DED).Farmers are exposed to sunlight,dust and topical climate.This study aims to assess the prevalence of DED amongst farmers & office going people in tertiary eye institute in Raipur,Chattishgarh India.

Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted among farmers(group1) & office going people(group2).A systematic random sampling  method were used to select group1(n=115) & group 2(n=115)for study.A pretested questionnaire was used to obtain information from the study group after which detailed ophthalmic examination was done.An assessment of DED was done with ocular surface index(OSDI), questionnaires,schirmers test,tear breakup time(TBUT) in either eye were considered as positive dry eye disease.

Result: The majority of respondents were females 215(93%) compared  to males 15(6.5%).overall mean age of respondents was 40.96+9.8  years. Average OSDI score,schirmers test and TBUT among participants was 26.4+16.0,16.44+9.52mm,12.38+4.535 respectively. Prevalence of DED  among group 1 was 32.2% compared to 30.4% in group 2 using schirmers test(p=0.73),TBUT reported prevalence of 38.3% in group 1 & 32.2% in group 2.Overall prevalence of DED among groups were not satisfactory significant(>0.05)group 1 had high odd ratio of developing DED.


  • This study concluded that farmers(rural area) working outdoor had higher prevalence of dry eye disease compared to office going people who predominantly works indoor ,due to long term exposure to environmental factors such as dust ,smoke & sunlight.


Myself Dr.Jyoti Bala Pandre completed my basic medical degree (MBBS) from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Medical College Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh & completed  Post graduation from Mahatma Gandhi Medical college Indore,Madhya Pradesh, India in 2012.I did my fellowship in Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Phacoemulsification from Bombay City Eye Institute and Research Center Mumbia ,Maharastra and completed my fellowship in glaucoma from Sri Akkineni Laxmi Vara Prasad Rao (LVPEI) Hyderabad.My special area of interest is in glaucoma.

I had worked as consultant in various reputed hospitals Sai Baba Eye hospital,Chattishgarh eye hospital.Presently working as consultant ophthalmologist  in Aurobindo Nethralaya at Raipur Chattishgarh providing world class glaucoma service  to patients of central India . I had Experience of more than 5000 surgeries including phacoemulsification in adults and in children, trabeculectomies etc.